Saturday, March 28, 2009

Journal Page Backgrounds: WIP — LoriZ technique

Here are some Works in Progress in my Kelly Kilmer Journal, trying out the new mixed media technique I’ve learned from LoriZ.

This was my first try. I didn’t realise I needed to leave flat places for my images. D’oh!
This is “On Wings and Prayers”. I plan to include the title on the page, but haven’t decided How yet.

My next try, I used a transfer instead of a paper image. It hugs the curves, lumps and bumps!
This is “Sea of Dreams”:

Most recent is “Freedom Flight”. After talking to Lori about my lump problem, she suggested that I not only leave some flat areas, but also some untextured areas. D’oh!


Caroline said...

Is that just gesso you are using for the texture?

Richard Lawrence Cohen said...

Hi Nona! Your altered books are very cool. I came over here from Carol Skolnick's Facebook page -- glad she invited me there!